Last week we ran our first Festival of Sustainability at EY Seren and I thought I would reflect on some of the learnings and insights we’ve had from our great speakers — grab a coffee, this is a long post (we covered a lot!)


  1. Digital festivals are a sustainable alternative, but creating meaningful engagement is still a challenge
  2. To engage stakeholders, designers can reframe sustainability around risk reduction and value creation (Professor Paolo Taticchi)
  3. Unless we can understand the bigger picture in which our biggest challenges sit, we will only end up mitigating problems or providing superficial solutions (Milan Nandha)

Photo by Samuel from Pexels

A bit of background first

A lot of industries, especially retail and consumer goods, are looking at incorporating circular design and sustainability into their business models. For example, to combat ‘fast fashion’, Urban Outfitters new clothing rental proposition allows customers to wear and return different items of clothing for $88/month. For the fast-fashion world, rental is a potential workaround for its impact on the environment. By being able to re-use different styles and materials, it can create a circular economy as the materials are returned back into the supply chain and production process. …

Centre Pompidou in Paris, attributed to Daniel Kakiuthi on Flickr

Recently I went to the Renzo Piano exhibition at the Royal Academy in London (which has now come to a close). While there I was struck by Piano’s ability to balance different ideas and concepts, no doubt as many architects do. From respecting traditional craft skills to experimenting with new materials and sustainable methods, from understanding the history of his environment to pushing technical and societal boundaries, the exhibition did a marvelous job of showcasing his poetry in creating new structures.

However, it was his work on the ground-breaking Centre Pompidou building that made me think about how experience and…

Serge Isakov

Consultant interested in systems, business models, and stakeholder value creation. Sounds dry, but so many fascinating topics hidden within

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